Organization can seek collaborative opportunities or innovative ideas and solutions to their current and future business challenges. If an organization has operational, production and processing issues, business systems, technical, services, asset management, equipment maintenance problems and challenges, for which it is seeking innovative solutions or collaboration then this is where it can explore the opportunities, either openly or anonymously.


Researchers and research organizations (industry & corporate, private, government agencies and universities) with a particular interest in the energy resources sector can either provide solutions to challenges, promote their research (energy resource) capabilities (including facilities and equipment) and also seek for partnerships and alliances to promote, develop and deliver innovative solutions.


Investors (organizations and individuals), can explore investment opportunities in new concepts within the oil and gas sector that already have a potential market.


Suppliers, service providers, developers, innovators and start-ups with innovative ideas and solutions, products or systems can respond to challenges and opportunities posted on the Platform by Challenge owners and can post new concepts and new products.